Summer Camp / Aquatic Management

Providing a professional, trained aquatic managers

Aquatic Safety Instruction will provide your facility or camp program with a team of certified aquatic professionals, who will offer both water safety/swim instruction and lifeguard services. Each team will include one Head Instructor and one Head Lifeguard who will each provide on-site management. Our President, Treci Horowitz, will be the overall supervisor of all aquatic staff, including certification verification, scheduling of hour and instruction curriculum.

Before the season begins, our team will inspect all your safety equipment and assess its durability. We will then offer written recommendations for what may need replacement or repair. ASI has full knowledge of ACA requirements and we are prepared to support your program throughout the process. We hold bi-monthly staff meetings with each team, so that we may evaluate the program’s development thus far. Several lifeguard training in-services are also conducted throughout the season. You can rest assured that your facility or camp program will be receiving a highly trained and committed staff of outstanding individuals.

Call 818-363-0221 for more information about our Summer Camp / Aquatic Management Program!
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