“I cannot rave enough about the coaches at Aquatic safety. My son has autism and has had an aversion to water for a long time. Treci and Meg both care that my son learns to swim, at his pace. They are both kind, gentle, good natured, and persistent. I would recommend Aquatic Safety to anybody who wants to learn to swim.”  


“I brought my son to Treci when he was 9 years old and was exhibiting fears of swimming.  One summer with Treci’s compassionate and patient technique literally transformed him from fearful to fearless. I watch him now at age 13 with his confident and admirable swimming technique and am so proud …..forever grateful. Because of my sons success, my 78 year old father decided to finally overcome some fears and had tremendous successes with Treci as well. Young or old, there’s no one better.”


“I found this business through Living Social and we are extremely satisfied with the classes.  The place of instruction is at a home in Northridge with a large backyard, heated pool and sitting area.  The Parent/Tot class that my son attends is intimate (4 toddlers max per class) and gets them comfortable in the water while teaching safety tips and basic swim moves.  They also incorporate songs and toys to make swimming a fun and enjoyable experience.  We’ve had classes with both Treci(the head instructor) and Kelsey (her substitute) and both are very warm, welcoming and great with children.  Classes are easy to book via phone/online and they are very flexible and accommodating with your schedule.  I’m unsure of prices without going through Living Social, but I hope it’s affordable enough that we can continue on here next summer.  The classes are currently 30 mins, but there was a mention of making this particular class 45 mins next season which we would definitely enjoy!”


“The instructors at ASI were patient, kind and understanding.  They paced Olivia on her needs, never forcing her and were completely professional and personable.  I cannot say enough great things about Treci and her staff!  Thank you Treci for what you do for the safety of our kids!”


“Thank you for such a fine job! We are looking forward to seeing you again Saturday! Kids loved every minute of it. We can tell that you love your work!”


“My grand daughter loved her instructor and the lessons and she reached her goal. She learned to swim! It was a very positive experience for her. Her instructor was a ring, supportive yet very professional. Even the location was great for us! Don’t change a thing!”


“I wanted to take a moment to sit down and write you and your staff a letter of thanks. The girls did great with you and with Becky! They continue to learn to develop their strokes and fine tune their breathing. I continue to be impressed by the professionalism of your office and your teaching staff. I also witnessed one of your lifeguards dealing with a child who became ill during his lesson. He kept his cool, knew exactly what to do and handled both the child and the other people on the deck with respect and ease. It is obvious that your staff is well trained and truly are committed to their positions. I feel very safe having my girls in your program. In conclusion, the ASI STAFF ROCK! I hope you print this somewhere because people who are shopping for a swim school need to know how amazing you all really are. Thank you all again. See you in the spring.”


“My two daughters took classes at Aquatic Safety Instruction last summer and they both loved it.  My older daughter, who was 6 at the time, really became a strong and confident swimmer.  Some of her teachers even mentioned that she should be in competitive swimming and my younger daughter, who had just turned 4 actually learned to swim.  ASI helped her to lose her fear of putting her face in the water.  They had lots of patience with her.  She now loves to swim and can’t wait for warmer weather.  ASI has very helpful, nurturing and understanding instructors.  They assess each individual child’s swim level and help them move forward from that level, even if they are in a group lesson.  All of ASI instructors are very strong swimmers and really show respect for both the child and the parent.  The environment is very safe, the pools are clean and well tended to and the entire ASI staff is excellent.  I plan to sign my daughters up agin for more swim instruction with ASI this coming summer.  They can’t wait to get back in the pool and learn to be better, safer and stronger swimmers.  Thank you ASI!”


“The Parent Tot lessons are fun it’s a small group of parents with their children and the class consists of music/singing, body movement, using the boogie board, noodle etc.  The pool temperature is perfect and the class is fun. Treci and her staff are great at returning phone calls, they are there to answer questions and overall are very accommodating and understanding.”


“I have been so pleased about the swimming instruction my daughter Ava has recieved.  Ava really trusts Treci and so do I.  Treci has the best interest of the children she teaches and really articulates her lessons well.  My daughter is very cautious but she is a great listener and Treci and her are a perfect fit.  Treci also keeps in mind who would be well suited to partner with each if sharing their swim lessons.  I would highly recommed Aquatic Saftey Instruction.  Have Fun!”


“Treci is great.  She has loads of experience and she taught Liam more in the 2 months he saw her than he did the past 3 years at his other lessons.  She focused on safety first; then swimming and play.  She wants the kids to have fun in the pool, but they must learn to save themselves from drowning  first!  She started teaching Liam to tread water, breath properly and get to the side of the pool and climb out.  At first I thought ‘oh my 3 year old can’t do that’ but guess what…yes he can!  And he must!  The pool can be fun, but only if you know how to save yourself.”
Needless to say, after 2 months of lessons, my son is swimming her whole length of the pool with no help!  The season of swimming is now coming to a close, but I’ll definitely be re-enrolling my son in more lessons next summer.  Thanks Treci for all your hard work and dedication to swim safety!”

“Aquatic Safety Instruction really cares about making sure your child feels confident and is SAFE in the water. What more could a parent want? All the instructors are kind and patient, they speak respectfully to children and respect their individual needs, fears and aspirations.”

“It was wonderful. You pay attention to each child’s needs and what is appropriate for him or her at their particular age. Her instructor is the perfect teacher. We wouldn’t change a thing!”


“Treci, I really appreciate the time you took to make sure both my boys were in the right group and then the trouble you went to by fitting Alec into your schedule.”



“We love you guys at ASI! Ok so I’m a little mushy.  My 3 kids, Jason, Jackson and Jackie love swimming time with Treci, Kim and Becky. they used to hate going when we went elsewhere and they would cry and make such a big deal that I as the mom couldn’t stand going either.  This past year was amazing.  The kids not only loved going but they did really well. Jackson can tread water, Jackie swam across the pool and Jason will put his face in the water.  We are thrilled with the progress they have all made.  Your staff obviously know what they are doing and really care about the kids.  Treci my hat goes off to you! Your staff are what they are because of your expectations and your willingness to teach them what you do best!”



“Treci Horowitz is a truly amazing swim instructor.  In just a few months my 2 year old daughter Josie became very comfortable in the water and is now well on her way to swimming on her own.  Josie loved going to lessons because she had so much fun, singing songs and playing and learning at the same time.  It was also a great bonding experience for me and my little girl. She is so excited to start lessons again this year!”


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